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Article Comparison - Treaty between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland on the confirmation of the frontier between them

The Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland,

Endeavouring to establish their mutual, future-oriented relations in accordance with international law, in particular the Charter of the United Nations and the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, signed at Helsinki, and documents of subsequent meetings of the Conference,

Resolved to contribute jointly to the establishment of a European peace order in which frontiers will no longer divide and which will guarantee all European nations coexistence based on confidence and all-round cooperation for the good of all, as well as lasting peace, freedom and stability,

Deeply convinced that the unification of Germany as a State with definite frontiers is a significant contribution to then peace order in Europe,

Bearing in mind the Treaty on the Final Settlement with regard to Germany signed on 12 September 1990,

Mindful of the fact that 45 years have passed since the end of the Second World War, and conscious that the great suffering caused by that war, including also the loss by many Germans and Poles of their native land as a result of expulsion or resettlement, are a warning and a challenge for the establishment of peaceful relations between the two peoples and States,

Desiring to create lasting foundations for friendly coexistence through the development of their relations, and continuing the policy of lasting understanding and reconciliation between Germans and Poles,

Have agreed as follows: