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Article Comparison - Protocol on Explosive Remnants of War

Article 10
Consultations of High Contracting Parties

1. The High Contracting Parties undertake to consult and co-operate with each other on all issues related to the operation of this Protocol. For this purpose, a Conference of High Contracting Parties shall be held as agreed to by a majority, but no less than eighteen High Contracting Parties.

2. The work of the conferences of High Contracting Parties shall include:

(a) review of the status and operation of this Protocol;

(b) consideration of matters pertaining to national implementation of this Protocol, including national reporting or updating on an annual basis.

(c) preparation for review conferences.

3. The costs of the Conference of High Contracting Parties shall be borne by the High Contracting Parties and States not parties participating in the Conference, in accordance with the United Nations scale of assessment adjusted appropriately.