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Article Comparison - Convention for the Establishment of a European Space Agency

Article V

1. The activities of the Agency shall include mandatory activities, in which all Member States participate, and optional activities, in which all Member States participate apart from those that formally declare themselves not interested in participating therein.

a. With respect to the mandatory activities, the Agency shall:

i. ensure the execution of basic activities, such as education, documentation, studies of future projects and technological research work;

ii. ensure the elaboration and execution of a scientific programme including satellites and other space systems;

iii. collect relevant information and disseminate it to Member States, draw attention to gaps and duplication, and provide advice and assistance for the harmonisation of international and national programmes;

iv. maintain regular contact with the users of space techniques and keep itself informed of their requirements.

b. With respect to the optional activities, the Agency shall ensure, in accordance with the provisions of Annex III, the execution of programmes which may, in particular, include:

i. the design, development, construction, launching, placing in orbit, and control of satellites and other space systems;

ii. the design, development, construction, and operation of launch facilities and space transport systems.

2. In the area of space applications the Agency may, should the occasion arise, carry out operational activities under conditions to be defined by the Council by a majority of all Member States. When so doing the Agency shall:

a. place at the disposal of the operating agencies concerned such of its own facilities as may be useful to them;

b. ensure as required, on behalf of the operating agencies concerned, the launching, placing in orbit and control of operational application satellites;

c. carry out any other activity requested by users and approved by the Council. The cost of such operational activities shall be borne by the users concerned.

3. With respect to the coordination and integration of programmes referred to in Article II c, the Agency shall receive in good time from Member States information on projects relating to new space programmes, facilitate consultations among the Member States, undertake any necessary evaluation and formulate appropriate rules to be adopted by the Council by a unanimous vote of all Member States. The objectives and procedures of the internationalisation of programmes are set out in Annex IV.