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Article Comparison - Convention for the Establishment of a European Space Agency

Article XII

1. a. The Council shall, by a two-thirds majority of all Member States, appoint a Director General for a defined period and may, by the same majority, terminate his appointment.

b. The Director General shall be the chief executive officer of the Agency and its legal representative. He shall take all measures necessary for the management of the Agency, the execution of its programmes, the implementation of its policy and the fulfilment of its purpose, in accordance with the directives issued by the Council. He shall have authority over the establishments of the Agency. He shall, in regard to the financial administration of the Agency, act in accordance with the provisions of Annex II. He shall make an annual report to the Council, and this report shall be published. He may also submit proposals concerning activities and programmes as well as measures designed to ensure the fulfilment of the Agency’s purpose. He attends meetings of the Agency without the right to vote.

c. The Council may postpone the appointment of the Director General for such period as it considers necessary either upon the entry into force of this Convention or in the event of a subsequent vacancy. In this event, it shall appoint a person to act in his place, who shall have such powers and responsibilities as the Council may determine.

2. The Director General shall be assisted by such scientific, technical, administrative and clerical staff as he may consider necessary, within the limits authorised by the Council.

3. a. Senior management staff, as defined by the Council, shall be appointed and may be dismissed by the Council on the recommendation of the Director General. Appointments and dismissals made by the Council shall require a two-thirds majority of all Member States.

b. Other staff members shall be appointed and may be dismissed by the Director General, acting on the authority of the Council.

c. All staff shall be recruited on the basis of their qualifications, taking into account an adequate distribution of posts among nationals of the Member States. Appointments and their termination shall be in accordance with the Staff Regulations.

d. Scientists who are not members of the staff and who carry out research in the establishments of the Agency shall be subject to the authority of the Director General and to any general rules adopted by the Council.

4. The responsibilities of the Director General and the staff in regard to the Agency shall be exclusively international in character. In the discharge of their duties they shall not seek or receive instructions from any government or from any authority external to the Agency. Each Member State shall respect the international character of the responsibilities of the Director General and the staff, and shall not seek to influence them in the discharge of their duties.