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Article Comparison - Convention for the Establishment of a European Space Agency

Article XVI

1. The Council may recommend to Member States amendments to this Convention and to Annex I thereto. Any Member State that wishes to propose an amendment shall notify the Director General thereof. The Director General shall inform the Member States of any amendment so notified at least three months before it is discussed by the Council.

2. Any amendment recommended by the Council shall enter into force thirty days after the Government of France has received notification of acceptance from all Member States. The Government of France shall notify all Member States of the date of entry into force of any such amendment.

3. The Council may, by a unanimous vote of all Member States, amend any of the other Annexes to this Convention, provided that such amendments do not conflict with the Convention. Any such amendment shall enter into force on a date to be decided by the Council by a unanimous vote of all Member States. The Director General shall inform all Member States of any such amendment and of the date on which it will enter into force.