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Article Comparison - Protocol amending the European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism

Article 10

1.     Article 11 of the Convention shall become Article 14.

2.     In the first sentence of paragraph 1 of new Article 14 the terms “member States of the Council of Europe” shall be replaced by the terms “member States of and Observer States to the Council of Europe” and in the second and third sentences, the terms ”or approval” shall be replaced by the terms ", approval or accession”.

3.     The text of new Article 14 shall be supplemented by the following paragraph:

“3. The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, after consulting the CDPC, may invite any State not a member of the Council of Europe, other than those referred to under paragraph 1 of this article, to accede to the Convention. The decision shall be taken by the majority provided for in Article 20.d of the Statute of the Council of Europe and by the unanimous vote of the representatives of the Contracting States entitled to sit on the Committee of Ministers.”.

4.     Paragraph 3 of new Article 14 shall become paragraph 4 of this article, and the terms “or approving” and “or approval” shall be replaced respectively by the terms “, approving or acceding” and “, approval or accession”.