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Article Comparison - Protocol amending the European Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism

Article 13

A new article shall be introduced after new Article 16 of the Convention, and shall read as follows:

“Article 17

1. Without prejudice to the application of Article 10, there shall be a Conference of States Parties against Terrorism (hereinafter referred to as the “COSTER”) responsible for ensuring:

a. the effective use and operation of this Convention including the identification of any problems therein, in close contact with the CDPC;

b. the examination of reservations made in accordance with Article 16 and in particular the procedure provided in Article 16, paragraph 8;

c. the exchange of information on significant legal and policy developments pertaining to the fight against terrorism;

d. the examination, at the request of the Committee of Ministers, of measures adopted within the Council of Europe in the field of the fight against terrorism and, where appropriate, the elaboration of proposals for additional measures necessary to improve international co-operation in the area of the fight against terrorism and, where co-operation in criminal matters is concerned, in consultation with the CDPC;

e. the preparation of opinions in the area of the fight against terrorism and the execution of the terms of reference given by the Committee of Ministers.

2. The COSTER shall be composed of one expert appointed by each of the Contracting States. It will meet once a year on a regular basis, and on an extraordinary basis at the request of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe or of at least one-third of the Contracting States.

3. The COSTER will adopt its own Rules of Procedure. The expenses for the participation of Contracting States which are member States of the Council of Europe shall be borne by the Council of Europe. The Secretariat of the Council of Europe will assist the COSTER in carrying out its functions pursuant to this article.

4. The CDPC shall be kept periodically informed about the work of the COSTER.”.