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Article Comparison - European Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property

Article 34

1. Nothing in this Convention shall prejudice the application of the provisions of any other international treaties or conventions in force between two or more Parties on the matters dealt with in this Convention provided that the said provisions are more compelling with respect to the duty to restitute cultural property affected by an offence.

2. The Parties may not conclude bilateral or multilateral agreements with one another on the matters dealt with in this Convention, except in order to supplement its provisions or facilitate the application of the principles embodied in it.

3. However, if two or more Parties have already established their relations in this matter on the basis of uniform legislation, or instituted a special system of their own, or should they in the future do so, they shall be entitled to regulate those relations accordingly, notwithstanding the terms of this Convention.

4. Parties ceasing to apply the terms of this Convention to their mutual relations in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall notify the Secretary General of the Council of Europe to that effect.