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Article Comparison - International Natural Rubber Agreement


Article 1

The objectives of the International Natural Rubber Agreement, 1995 (hereinafter referred to as 'this Agreement`), in the light of the resolution 93 (IV) of the 'New Partnership for Development: the Cartagena Commitment`, and the relevant objectives contained in 'The Spirit of Cartagena` adopted by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, are inter alia as follows:

(a) To achieve a balanced growth between the supply of and demand for natural rubber, thereby helping to alleviate the serious difficulties arising from surpluses or shortages of natural rubber;

(b) To achieve stable conditions in natural rubber trade through avoiding excessive natural rubber price fluctuations, which adversely affect the long-term interests of both producers and consumers, and stabilizing these prices without distorting long-term market trends, in the interests of producers and consumers;

(c) To help stabilize the export earnings from natural rubber of exporting members, and to increase their earnings based on expanding natural rubber export volumes at fair and remunerative prices, thereby helping to provide the necessary incentives for a dynamic and rising rate of production and the resources for accelerated economic growth and social development;

(d) To seek to ensure adequate supplies of natural rubber to meet the requirements of importing members at fair and reasonable prices and to improve the reliability and continuity of these supplies;

(e) To take feasible steps in the event of a surplus or shortage of natural rubber to mitigate the economic difficulties that members might encounter;

(f) To seek to expand international trade in and to improve market access for natural rubber and processed products thereof;

(g) To improve the competitiveness of natural rubber by encouraging research and development on the problems of natural rubber;

(h) To encourage the efficient development of the natural rubber economy by seeking to facilitate and promote improvements in the processing, marketing and distribution of raw natural rubber; and

(i) To further international cooperation in and consultations on natural rubber matters affecting supply and demand, and to facilitate promotion and coordination of natural rubber research, assistance and other programmes.