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Article Comparison - International Natural Rubber Agreement

Article 13

1. As a general rule, the Council shall hold one regular session in each half of the year.

2. In addition to sessions in circumstances specifically provided for in this Agreement, the Council shall also meet in special session whenever it so decides or at the request of:

(a) the Chairman of the Council;

(b) the Executive Director;

(c) a majority of the exporting members;

(d) a majority of the importing members;

(e) an exporting member or exporting members holding at least 200 votes; or

(f) an importing member or importing members holding at least 200 votes.

3. Sessions shall be held at the headquarters of the Organization, unless the Council, by special vote, decides otherwise. If on the invitation of any member the Council meets elsewhere than at the headquarters of the Organization, that member shall pay the additional costs incurred by the Council.

4. Notice of any sessions and the agenda for such sessions shall be communicated to members by the Executive Director, in consultation with the Chairman of the Council, at least 30 days in advance, except in cases of emergency when notice shall be communicated at least 10 days in advance.