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Article Comparison - International Natural Rubber Agreement

Article 43
Other measures

1. With a view to achieving the objectives of this Agreement, the Council shall identify and propose appropriate measures and techniques directed towards promoting:

(a) the development of the natural rubber economy by producing members, through expanded and improved production, productivity and marketing, thereby increasing the export earnings of producing members while at the same time improving the reliability of supply. For this purpose, the Committee on Other Measures shall undertake economic and technical analyses in order to identify:

(i) natural rubber research and development programmes and projects of benefit to exporting and importing members, including scientific research in specific areas;

(ii) programmes and projects to improve the productivity of the natural rubber industry;

(iii) ways and means to upgrade natural rubber supplies and achieve uniformity in quality specification and presentation of natural rubber; and

(iv) methods of improving the processing, marketing and distribution of raw natural rubber;

b) the development of end uses of natural rubber. For this purpose, the Committee on Other Measures shall undertake appropriate economic and technical analyses in order to identify programmes and projects leading to increased and new uses of natural rubber.

2. The Council shall consider the financial implications of such measures and techniques and seek to promote and facilitate the provision of adequate financial resources, as appropriate, from such sources as international financial institutions and the Second Account of the Common Fund for Commodities.

3. The Council may accept any voluntary contribution in support of approved projects to implement this Article. The management of financial contributions shall be subject to rules to be established by special vote of the Council.

4. The Council may make recommendations, as appropriate, to members, international institutions and other organizations to promote the implementation of specific measures under this Article.

5. The Committee on Other Measures shall periodically review the progress of those measures which the Council decides to promote and recommend, and shall report thereon to the Council.