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Article Comparison - International Natural Rubber Agreement


Article 45
Statistics and information

1. The Council shall collect, collate and as necessary publish such statistical information on natural rubber and related areas as is necessary for the satisfactory operation of this Agreement.

2. Members shall promptly and to the fullest extent possible furnish to the Council available data by specific types and grades concerning production, consumption and international trade in natural rubber.

3. The Council may also request members to furnish other available information, including information on related areas which may be required for the satisfactory operation of this Agreement.

4. Members shall furnish all the abovementioned statistics and information within a reasonable time to the fullest extent possible consistent with their national legislation and by the ways most appropriate for them.

5. The Council shall establish close relationships with appropriate international organizations, including the International Rubber Study Group, and with commodity exchanges in order to help ensure the availability of recent and reliable data on production, consumption, stocks, international trade and prices of natural rubber, and other factors that influence demand for and supply of natural rubber.

6. The Council shall endeavour to ensure that no information published shall prejudice the confidentiality of the operations of persons or companies producing, processing or marketing natural rubber or related products.