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Article Comparison - International Natural Rubber Agreement


Article 48
General obligations and liabilities of members

1. Members shall for the duration of this Agreement use their best endeavours and cooperate to promote the attainment of the objectives of this Agreement and shall not take any action in contradiction to those objectives.

2. Members shall in particular seek to improve the conditions of the natural rubber economy and to encourage the production and use of natural rubber in order to promote the growth and the modernization of the natural rubber economy for the mutual benefit of producers and consumers.

3. Members shall accept as binding all decisions of the Council under this Agreement and will not implement measures which would have the effect of limiting or running counter to those decisions.

4. The liability of members arising from the operation of this Agreement, whether to the Organization or to third parties, shall be limited to the extent of their obligations regarding contributions to the administrative budget and to financing of the Buffer Stock under and in accordance with Chapters VII and VIII of this Agreement and any obligations that may be assumed by the Council under Article 41.