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Article Comparison - Convention on International Civil Aviation

Chapter VI
International standards and recommended practices

Article 37
Adoption of international standards and procedures

Each contracting State undertakes to collaborate in securing the highest practicable degree of uniformity in regulations, standards, procedures, and organization in relation to aircraft, personnel, airways and auxiliary services in all matters in which such uniformity will facilitate and improve air navigation.

To this end the International Civil Aviation Organization shall adopt and amend from time to time, as may be necessary, international standards and recommended practices and procedures dealing with:

a) Communications systems and air navigation aids, including ground marking;

b) Characteristics of airports and landing areas;

c) Rules of the air and air traffic control practices;

d) Licensing of operating and mechanical personnel;

e) Airworthiness of aircraft;

f) Registration and identification of aircraft;

g) Collection and exchange of meteorological information;

h) Log books;

i) Aeronautical maps and charts;

j) Customs and immigration procedures;

k) Aircraft in distress and investigation of accidents;

and such other matters concerned with the safety, regularity, and efficiency of air navigation as may from time to time appear appropriate.