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Article Comparison - Convention on International Civil Aviation

Article 55
Permissive functions of Council

The Council may:

a) Where appropriate and as experience may show to be desirable, create subordinate air transport commissions on a regional or other basis and define

groups of states or airlines with or through which it may deal to facilitate the carrying out of the aims of this Convention;

b) Delegate to the Air Navigation Commission duties additional to those set forth in the Convention and revoke or modify such delegations of authority at any time;

c) Conduct research into all aspects of air transport and air navigation which are of international importance, communicate the results of its research to the contracting States, and facilitate the exchange of information between contracting States on air transport and air navigation matters;

d) Study any matters affecting the organization and operation of international air transport, including the international ownership and operation of international air services on trunk routes, and submit to the Assembly plans in relation thereto;

e) Investigate, at the request of any contracting State, any situation which may appear to present avoidable obstacles to the development of international air navigation; and, after such investigation, issue such reports as may appear to it desirable.