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Article Comparison - Convention concerning Continuity of Employment of Seafarers [*]

Article 1

1. This Convention applies to persons who are regularly available for work as seafarers and who depend on their work as such for their main annual income.

2. For the purpose of this Convention the term seafarers means persons defined as such by national law or practice or by collective agreement who are normally employed as crew members on board a sea-going ship other than--

(a) a ship of war;

(b) a ship engaged in fishing or in operations directly connected therewith or in whaling or in similar pursuits.

3. National laws or regulations shall determine when ships are to be regarded as sea-going ships for the purpose of this Convention.

4. The organisations of employers and workers concerned shall be consulted on or otherwise participate in the establishment and revision of definitions in pursuance of paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Article.