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Article Comparison - Convention on the Protection of the Rhine

Article 3

The Contracting Parties shall pursue the following aims through this Convention:

1. sustainable development of the Rhine ecosystem, in particular through:

(a) maintaining and improving the quality of the Rhine's waters, including the quality of suspended matter, sediments and groundwater, notably by

- preventing, reducing or eliminating as far as possible pollution caused by noxious substances and by nutrients from point sources (e.g. industry and municipalities) and diffuse sources (e.g. agriculture and traffic) - including that from groundwater - and pollution from shipping,

- ensuring and improving the safety of installations and preventing incidents and accidents;

(b) protecting populations of organisms and species diversity and reducing contamination by noxious substances in organisms;

(c) maintaining, improving and restoring the natural function of the waters; ensuring that flow management takes account of the natural flow of solid matter and promotes interactions between river, groundwater and alluvial areas; conserving, protecting and reactivating alluvial areas as natural floodplains;

(d) conserving, improving and restoring the most natural habitats possible for wild fauna and flora in the water, on the river bed and banks and in adjacent areas, and improving living conditions for fish and restoring their free migration;

(e) ensuring environmentally sound and rational management of water resources;

(f) taking ecological requirements into account when implementing technical measures to develop the waterway, e.g. for flood protection, shipping or the use of hydroelectric power;

2. the production of drinking water from the waters of the Rhine;

3. improvement of sediment quality in order that dredged material may be deposited or spread without adversely affecting the environment;

4. general flood prevention and protection, taking account of ecological requirements;

5. to help restore the North Sea in conjunction with the other actions taken to protect it.