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Article Comparison - Convention on the Protection of the Rhine

Article 14
Cooperation with the other States, other organisations and external experts

1. The Commission shall cooperate with other intergovernmental organisations and may address recommendations to them.

2. The Commission may recognise as observers:

(a) States that have an interest in the work of the Commission;

(b) intergovernmental organisations whose work is related to the Convention;

(c) non-governmental organisations, insofar as their field of interest or activities are relevant.

3. The Commission shall exchange information with non-governmental organisations insofar as their fields of interest or activities are relevant. The Commission shall in particular consult such organisations before discussing decisions liable to have an important impact on them and shall inform them as soon as such decisions have been taken.

4. Observers may submit to the Commission any information or reports relevant to the aims of the Convention. They may be invited to participate in Commission meetings without having the right to vote.

5. The Commission may decide to consult specialists representing the recognised non-governmental organisations or other experts and invite them to its meetings.

6. The conditions for cooperation and those for eligibility and participation shall be laid down in the rules of procedure and financial regulations.