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Article Comparison - Convention on Damage Caused by Foreign Aircraft to Third Parties on the Surface


Article 11

1. Subject to the provisions of Article 12, the liability for damage giving a right to compensation under Article 1, for each aircraft and incident, in respect of all persons liable under this Convention, shall not exceed:

(a) 500 000 francs for aircraft weighing 1000 kilogrammes or less;

(b) 500 000 francs plus 400 francs per kilogramme over 1000 kilogrammes for aircraft weighing more than 1000 but not exceeding 6000 kilogrammes;

(c) 2 500 000 francs plus 250 francs per kilogramme over 6000 kilogrammes for aircraft weighing more than 6000 but not exceeding 20 000 kilogrammes;

(d) 6 000 000 francs plus 150 francs per kilogramme over 20 000 kilogrammes for aircraft weighing more than 20 000 but not exceeding 50 000 kilogrammes;

(e) 10 500 000 francs plus 100 francs per kilogramme over 50 000 kilogrammes for aircraft weighing more than 50 000 kilogrammes.

2. The liability in respect of loss of life or personal injury shall not exceed 500 000 francs per person killed or injured.

3. "Weight" means the maximum weight of the aircraft authorized by the certificate of airworthiness for take-off, excluding the effect of lifting gas when used.

4. The sums mentioned in francs in this Article refer to a currency unit consisting of 65 ½ milligrammes of gold of millesimal fineness 900. These sums may be converted into national currencies in round figures. Conversion of the sums into national currencies other than gold shall, in case of judicial proceedings, be made according to the gold value of such currencies at the date of the judgment, or, in cases covered by Article 14, at the date of the allocation.