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Article Comparison - Convention on Damage Caused by Foreign Aircraft to Third Parties on the Surface

Article 17

1. If security is furnished in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 15, it shall be specifically and preferentially assigned to payment of claims under the provisions of this Convention.

2. The security shall be deemed sufficient if, in the case of an operator of one aircraft, it is for an amount equal to the limit applicable according to the provisions of Article 11, and in the case of an operator of several aircraft, if it is for an amount not less than the aggregate of the limits of liability applicable to the two aircraft subject to the highest limits.

3. As soon as notice of a claim has been given to the operator, the amount of the security shall be increased up to a total sum equivalent to the aggregate of:

(a) the amount of the security then required by paragraph 2 of this Article, and

(b) the amount of the claim not exceeding the applicable limit of liability.

This increased security shall be maintained until every claim has been disposed of.