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Article Comparison - Convention for the Establishment of a European Space Agency

Article VIII

1. When defining its missions, the Agency shall take into account the launchers or other space transport systems developed within the framework of its programmes, or by a Member State, or with a significant Agency contribution, and shall grant preference to their utilisation for appropriate payloads if this does not present an unreasonable disadvantage compared with other launchers or space transport means available at the envisaged time, in respect of cost, reliability and mission suitability.

2. If activities or programmes under Article V include the use of launchers or other space transport systems, the participating States shall, when the programme in question is submitted for approval or acceptance, inform the Council of the launcher or space transport system envisaged. If during the execution of a programme the participating States wish to use a launcher or space transport system other than the one originally adopted, the Council shall make a decision on this change in accordance with the same rules as those applied in respect of the initial approval or acceptance of the programme.