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Article Comparison - Convention on the International Recognition of Rights in Aircraft

Article IV

1. In the event that any claims in respect of:

(a) compensation due for salvage of the aircraft, or

(b) extraordinary expenses indispensable for the preservation of the aircraft give rise, under the law of the Contracting State where the operations of salvage or preservation were terminated, to a right conferring a charge against the aircraft, such right shall be recognised by Contracting States and shall take priority over all other rights in the aircraft.

2. The rights enumerated in paragraph 1 shall be satisfied in the inverse order of the dates of the incidents in connexion with which they have arisen.

3. Any of the said rights may, within three months from the date of the termination of the salvage or preservation operations, be noted on the record.

4. The said rights shall not be recognised in other Contracting States after expiration of the three months mentioned in paragraph 3 unless, within this period,

(a) the right has been noted on the record in conformity with paragraph 3, and

(b) the amount has been agreed upon or judicial action on the right has been commenced. As far as judicial action is concerned, the law of the forum shall determine the contingencies upon which the three months period may be interrupted or suspended.

5. This Article shall apply notwithstanding the provisions of Article I, paragraph 2.