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Article Comparison - Convention on Civil Liability for Damage Caused During Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, Rail and Inland Navigation Vessels

Article 14

1. Each State Party shall designate one or several competent authorities to issue or approve certificates attesting that carriers falling within the definition of article 1, paragraph 8 (a) have a valid insurance or other financial security in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.

2. The certificate shall be issued or approved by the competent authority:

(a) of the State of registration in respect of a carrier whose vehicle is registered in a State Party; or

(b) of the State Party where the carrier has his principal place of business or, if he has none, his habitual residence, if the vehicle is not registered.

With respect to a carrier not mentioned under (a) or (b) of the first sentence of this paragraph the certificate shall be issued or approved by the competent authority of a State Party in the territory of which the dangerous goods are carried.

3. The certificate shall contain the following particulars:

(a) the number of the certificate;

(b) the type of, and the particulars identifying, the road vehicle or ship;

(c) the name of the carrier and his principal place of business or, if he has none, his habitual residence;

(d) the type of security;

(e) the name and principal place of business of the insurer or other person providing security;

(f) the period of validity of the certificate which shall not be longer than the period of validity of the insurance or other security.

4. The certificate shall be produced for inspection on demand by the competent authorities.

5. The certificate shall be issued in English or in French or shall, if issued in any other language, include a translation into one at least of those languages.

6. The State where the certificate is issued or approved shall, subject to the provisions of this Convention, determine the conditions of issue and validity of the certificate.

7. Certificates issued in a State Party shall be accepted in all States Parties for all purposes covered by this Convention. Nevertheless a State Party, should it consider that an insurer or other person providing security named in the certificate may not be financially capable of meeting his obligations imposed by this Convention, may at any time request consultation with the State which has issued the certificate.

Each State Party shall designate the authority competent to make or receive any communication relating to the compulsory insurance or any other financial security.

Any State Party may accept certificates issued by the competent authorities, or by bodies recognized, for the purpose of this Convention, by the competent authorities of States not party to it.

8. Insurance or other financial security shall not satisfy the requirements of this Convention if it can cease, for reasons other than the expiry of the period of its validity specified in the certificate, before three months have elapsed from the date on which notice of its termination is given to the authority referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, unless the certificate has been surrendered to those authorities or a new certificate has been issued within the said period. The foregoing provisions shall similarly apply to any modification which results in the insurance or security no longer satisfying the requirements of this Convention.

9. This article shall not apply in the case of carriage by a road vehicle in the territory of a State Party which is a party to the green card system if there is in force in respect of the vehicle and produced for inspection on demand by the competent authorities a green card certifying coverage of carrier's liability under this Convention.

10. Two or more States Parties may agree to dispense with the requirements of this article for the certificate or green card referred to in paragraph 9 of this article in respect of road vehicles registered in their territories for the carriage, within their territories, of goods by road covered by this Convention.