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Article Comparison - International Convention relating to the Limitation of the Liability of Owners of Sea-Going Ships

Article 2

(1) The limit of liability prescribed by Article 3 of this Convention shall apply to the aggregate of personal claims and property claims which arise on any distinct occasion without regard to any claims which have arisen or may arise on any other distinct occasion.

(2) When the aggregate of the claims which arise on any distinct occasion exceeds the limits of liability provided for by Article 3 the total sum representing such limits of liability may be constituted as one distinct limitation fund.

(3) The fund thus constituted shall be available only for the payment of claims in respect of which limitation of liability can be invoked.

(4) After the fund has been constituted, no claimant against the fund shall be entitled to exercise any right against any other assets of the shipowner in respect of his claim against the fund, if the limitation fund is actually available for the benefit of the claimant.