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Article Comparison - European Convention on Transfrontier Television

Article 2
Terms employed

For the purposes of this Convention:

a. "Transmission" means the initial emission by terrestrial transmitter, by cable, or by satellite of whatever nature, in encoded or unencoded form, of television programme services for reception by the general public. It does not include communication services operating on individual demand;

b. "Retransmission" signifies the fact of receiving and simultaneously transmitting, irrespective of the technical means employed, complete and unchanged television programme services, or important parts of such services, transmitted by broadcasters for reception by the general public;

c. "Broadcaster" means the natural or legal person who has editorial responsibility for the composition of television programme services for reception by the general public and transmits them or has them transmitted, complete and unchanged, by a third party;

d. "Programme service" means all the items within a single service provided by a given broadcaster within the meaning of the preceding paragraph;

e. "European audiovisual works" means creative works, the production or co-production of which is controlled by European natural or legal persons;

f. "Advertising" means any public announcement in return for payment or similar consideration or for self-promotional purposes, which is intended to promote the sale, purchase or rental of a product or service, to advance a cause or idea, or to bring about some other effect desired by the advertiser or the broadcaster itself;

g. "Tele-shopping" means direct offers broadcast to the public with a view to the supply of goods or services, including immovable property, rights and obligations in return for payment;

h. "Sponsorship" means the participation of a natural or legal person, who is not engaged in broadcasting activities or in the production of audiovisual works, in the direct or indirect financing of a programme with a view to promoting the name, trademark, images or activities of that person.