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Article Comparison - European Convention on Transfrontier Television

Article 12

1. The proportion of tele-shopping spots, advertising spots and other forms of advertising, with the exception of tele-shopping windows within the meaning of paragraph 3, shall not exceed 20% of the daily transmission time. The transmission time for advertising spots shall not exceed 15% of the daily transmission time.

2. The proportion of advertising spots and tele-shopping spots within a given clock hour shall not exceed 20%.

3. Windows devoted to tele-shopping programmes broadcast within programme services which are not exclusively devoted to tele-shopping shall be of a minimum uninterrupted duration of 15 minutes. The maximum number of windows per day shall be eight. Their overall duration shall not exceed three hours per day. They must be clearly identified by optical and acoustic means.

4. For the purposes of this article, advertising shall not include:

– announcements made by the broadcaster in connection with its own programmes and ancillary products directly derived from those programmes;

– announcements in the public interest and charity appeals broadcast free of charge.