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Article Comparison - European Convention on Transfrontier Television

Article 14
Insertion of advertising and tele-shopping

1. Advertising and tele-shopping shall be inserted between programmes. Provided the conditions contained in paragraphs 2 to 5 of this article are fulfilled, advertising and tele-shopping spots may also be inserted during programmes in such a way that the integrity and value of the programme and the rights of the rights holders are not prejudiced.

2. In programmes consisting of autonomous parts, or in sports programmes and similarly structured events and performances comprising intervals, advertising and tele-shopping spots shall only be inserted between the parts or in the intervals.

3. The transmission of audiovisual works such as feature films and films made for television (excluding series, serials, light entertainment programmes and documentaries), provided their scheduled duration is more than forty-five minutes, may be interrupted once for each complete period of fourty-five minutes. A further interruption is allowed if their scheduled duration is at least twenty minutes longer than two or more complete periods of fourty-five minutes.

4. Where programmes, other than those covered by paragraph 2, are interrupted by advertising or tele-shopping spots, a period of at least twenty minutes should elapse between each successive advertising or tele-shopping break within the programme.

5. Advertising and tele-shopping shall not be inserted in any broadcast of a religious service. News and current affairs programmes, documentaries, religious programmes, and children's programmes, when their scheduled duration is less than thirty minutes, shall not be interrupted by advertising or tele-shopping. If their scheduled duration is thirty minutes or longer, the provisions of the previous paragraphs shall apply.