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Article Comparison - European Convention on Transfrontier Television

Article 15
Advertising and tele-shopping of particular products

1. Advertising and tele-shopping for tobacco products shall not be allowed.

2. Advertising and tele-shopping for alcoholic beverages of all varieties shall comply with the following rules:

a. they shall not be addressed particularly to minors and no one associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverage in advertising or tele-shopping should seem to be a minor;

b. they shall not link the consumption of alcohol to physical performance or driving;

c. they shall not claim that alcohol has therapeutic qualities or that it is a stimulant, a sedative or a means of resolving personal problems;

d. they shall not encourage immoderate consumption of alcohol or present abstinence or moderation in a negative light;

e. they shall not place undue emphasis on the alcoholic content of beverages.

3. Advertising for medicines and medical treatment which are only available on medical prescription in the transmitting Party shall not be allowed.

4. Advertising for all other medicines and medical treatment shall be clearly distinguishable as such, honest, truthful and subject to verification and shall comply with the requirement of protection of the individual from harm.

5. Tele-shopping for medicines and medical treatment shall not be allowed.