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Article Comparison - European Convention on Transfrontier Television

Article 21
Functions of the Standing Committee

1. The Standing Committee shall be responsible for following the application of this Convention. It may:

a. make recommendations to the Parties concerning the application of the Convention;

b. suggest any necessary modifications of the Convention and examine those proposed in accordance with the provisions of Article 23;

c. examine, at the request of one or more Parties, questions concerning the interpretation of the Convention;

d. use its best endeavours to secure a friendly settlement of any difficulty referred to it in accordance with the provisions of Article 25;

e. make recommendations to the Committee of Ministers concerning States other than those referred to in Article 29, paragraph 1, to be invited to accede to this Convention.

f. give opinions on abuse of rights under Article 24bis, paragraph 2c.

2. In addition, the Standing Committee shall:

a. draw up the guidelines referred to in Article 9bis, paragraph 3b, in order to avoid differences between the implementation of the rules of this Convention concerning access of the public to events of major importance for society and that of corresponding European Community provisions;

b. give an opinion on the measures taken by Parties which have drawn up a list of national or non-national events which are considered by those Parties as being of major importance for society in accordance with Article 9bis, paragraph 2;

c. publish once a year a consolidated list of the enlisted events and corresponding measures notified by Parties in accordance with Article 9bis, paragraph 2e.