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Article Comparison - European Convention on Transfrontier Television

Article 24bis
Alleged abuses of rights conferred by this Convention

1. When the programme service of a broadcaster is wholly or principally directed at the territory of a Party other than that which has jurisdiction over the broadcaster (the "receiving Party"), and the broadcaster has established itself with a view to evading the laws in the areas covered by the Convention which would have applied to it had it fallen within the jurisdiction of that other Party, this shall constitute an abuse of rights.

2. Where such an abuse is alleged by a Party, the following procedure shall apply:

a. the Parties concerned shall endeavour to achieve a friendly settlement;

b. if they fail to do so within three months, the receiving Party shall refer the matter to the Standing Committee;

c. having heard the views of the Parties concerned, the Standing Committee shall, within six months of the date on which the matter was referred to it, give an opinion on whether an abuse of rights has been committed and shall inform the Parties concerned accordingly.

3. If the Standing Committee has concluded that an abuse of rights has occurred, the Party whose jurisdiction the broadcaster is deemed to be within shall take appropriate measures to remedy the abuse of rights and shall inform the Standing Committee of those measures.

4. If the Party whose jurisdiction the broadcaster is deemed to be within has failed to take the measures specified in paragraph 3 within six months, the arbitration procedure set out in Article 26, paragraph 2, and the appendix of the Convention shall be pursued by the Parties concerned.

5. A receiving Party shall not take any measures against the programme service concerned until the arbitration procedure has been completed.

6. Any measures proposed or taken under this article shall comply with Article 10 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.