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Article Comparison - Constitution of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Article 2

In fulfilment of its foregoing objectives, the Organization shall generally take all necessary and appropriate action, and in particular shall:

(a) Encourage and extend, as appropriate, assistance to the developing countries in the promotion and acceleration of their industrialization, in particular in the development, expansion and modernization of their industries;

(b) In accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, initiate, co-ordinate and follow up the activities of the United Nations system with a view to enabling the Organization to play the central co-ordinating role in the field of industrial development;

(c) Create new and develop existing concepts and approaches in respect of industrial development on global, regional and national, as well as on sectoral levels, and carry out studies and surveys with a view to formulating new lines of action directed towards harmonious and balanced industrial development, with due consideration for the methods employed by countries with different socio-economic systems for solving industrialization problems;

(d) Promote and encourage the development and use of planning techniques, and assist in the formulation of development, scientific and technological programmes and plans for industrialization in the public, co-operative and private sectors;

(e) Encourage and assist in the development of an integrated and interdisciplinary approach towards the accelerated industrialization of the developing countries;

(f) Provide a forum and act as an instrument to serve the developing countries and the industrialized countries in their contacts, consultations and, if the request of the countries concerned, negotiations directed towards the industrialization of the developing countries;

(g) Assist the developing countries in the establishment and operation of industries, including agro-related as well as basic industries, to achieve the full utilization of locally available natural and human resources and the production of goods for domestic and export markets, as well as contribute to the self-reliance of these countries;

(h) Serve as a clearing-house for industrial information and accordingly collect and monitor on a selective basis, analyse and generate for the purpose of dissemination information on all aspects of industrial development on global, regional and national, as well as on sectoral levels including the exchange of experience and technological achievements of the industrially developed and the developing countries with different social and economic systems;

(i) Devote particular attention to the adoption of special measures aimed at assisting the least-developed, land-locked, and island developing countries, as well as those developing countries most seriously affected by economic crises and natural calamities, without losing sight of the interest of the other developing countries;

(j) Promote, encourage and assist in the development, selection, adaptation, transfer and use of industrial technology, with due regard for the socio-economic conditions and the specific requirements of the industry concerned, with special reference to the transfer of technology from the industrialized to the developing countries as well as among the developing countries themselves;

(k) Organize and support industrial training programmes aimed at assisting the developing countries in the training of technical and other appropriate categories of personnel needed at various phases for their accelerated industrial development;

(I) Advise on and assist, in close co-operation with the appropriate bodies of the United Nations, specialized agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency, the developing countries in the exploitation, conservation and local transformation of their natural resources for the purpose of furthering the industrialization of developing countries;

(m) Provide pilot and demonstration plants for accelerating industrialization in particular sectors;

(n) Develop special measures designed to promote co-operation in the industrial field among developing countries and between the developed and developing countries;

(o) Assist, in co-operation with other appropriate bodies, the regional planning of industrial development of the developing countries within the framework of regional and sub-regional groupings among those countries;

(p) Encourage and promote the establishment and strengthening of industrial, business and professional associations, and similar organizations which would contribute to the full utilization of the internal resources of the developing countries with a view to developing their national industries;

(q) Assist in the establishment and operation of institutional infrastructure for the provision of regulatory, advisory and developmental services to industry;

(r) Assist, at the request of Governments of the developing countries, in obtaining external financing for specific industrial projects on fair, equitable and mutually acceptable terms.