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Article Comparison - Constitution of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Article 9
Industrial Development Board

1. The Board shall consist of 53 Members of the Organization elected by the Conference, which shall give due regard to the principle of equitable geographical distribution. In electing the members of the Board the Conference shall observe the following distribution of seats: 33 members of the Board shall be elected from the States listed in Parts A and C. 15 from the States listed in Part B, and 5 from the Stales listed in Part D of Annex I to this Constitution.

2. Members of the Board shall hold office from the close of the regular session of the Conference at which they were elected until the close of the regular session of the Conference four years thereafter, except that the members elected at the first session shall hold office from the time of such election and one half shall hold office only until the close of the regular session two years thereafter. Members of the Board may be re-elected.

3. (a) The Board shall hold at least one regular session each year at such times as it may determine. Special sessions shall be convened by the Director-General at the request of a majority of all members of the Board.

(b) Sessions shall be held at the seat of the Organization, unless otherwise determined by the Board.

4. In addition to exercising other functions specified in this Constitution or delegated to it by the Conference, the Board shall:

(a) Acting under the authority of the Conference, review the implementation of the approved programme of work and of the corresponding regular budget and operational budget, as well as of other decisions of the Conference;

(b) Recommend to the Conference a scale of assessments for regular budget expenditures;

(c) Report to the Conference at each regular session on the activities of the Board;

(d) Request Members to furnish information on their activities related to the work of the Organization;

(e) In accordance with the decisions of the Conference and having regard to circumstances arising between sessions of the Board or the Conference, authorize the Director-General to take such measures as the Board deems necessary to meet unforeseen events with due regard to the functions and financial resources of the Organization;

(f) If the office of Director-General becomes vacant between sessions of the Conference, appoint an Acting Director-General to serve until the next regular or special session of the Conference;

(g) Prepare the provisional agenda for the Conference;

(h) Undertake such other functions as may be required to further the objectives of the Organization subject to the limitations stipulated in this Constitution.

5. The Board shall adopt its own rules of procedure.

6. Each member of the Board shall have one vote. Decisions shall be made by a majority of the members present and voting unless otherwise specified in this Constitution or in the rules of procedure of the Board.

7. The Board shall invite any Member not represented on the Board to participate without vote in its deliberations on any matter of particular concern to that Member.