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Article Comparison - Constitution of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Article 10
Programme and Budget Committee

1. The Programme and Budget Committee shall consist of 27 Members of the Organization elected by the Conference, which shall give due regard to the principle of equitable geographical distribution. In electing the members of the Committee the Conference shall observe the following distribution of seats: 15 members of the Committee shall be elected from the States listed in Parts A and C, 9 from the States listed in Part B, and 3 from the States listed in Part D of Annex I to this Constitution. In designating their representatives to serve on the Committee, States shall take into account their personal qualifications and experience.

2. Members of the Committee shall hold office from the close of the regular session of the Conference at which they were elected until the close of the regular session of the Conference two years thereafter. Members of the Committee may be re-elected.

3. (a) The Committee shall hold at least one session each year. Additional sessions shall be convened by the Director-General at the request of the Board or the Committee.

(b) Sessions shall be held at the seat of the Organization, unless otherwise determined by the Board.

4. The Committee shall:

(a) Perform the functions assigned to it in Article 14;

(b) Prepare the draft scale of assessments for regular budget expenditures, for submission to the Board;

(c) Exercise such other functions with respect to financial matters as may be assigned to it by the Conference or the Board;

(d) Report to the Board at each regular session on all activities of the Committee and submit advice or proposals on financial matters to the Board on its own initiative.

5. The Committee shall adopt its own rules of procedure.

6. Each member of the Committee shall have one vote. Decisions shall be made by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting.