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Article Comparison - Constitution of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Article 22
Settlement of disputes and requests for advisory opinions

1. (a) Any dispute among two or more Members concerning the interpretation or application of this Constitution, including its annexes, that is not settled by negotiation shall be referred to the Board unless the parties concerned agree on another mode of settlement. If the dispute is of particular concern to a Member not represented on the Board, that Member shall be entitled to be represented in accordance with rules to be adopted by the Board.

(b) If the dispute is not settled pursuant to paragraph 1 (a) to the satisfaction of any party to the dispute, that party may refer the matter: either,

(i) if the parties so agree:

(A) to the International Court of Justice; or

(B) to an arbitral tribunal; or,

(ii) otherwise, to a conciliation commission.

The rules concerning the procedures and operation of the arbitral tribunal and of the conciliation commission are laid down in Annex III to this Constitution.

2. The Conference and the Board are separately empowered, subject to authorization from the General Assembly of the United Nations, to request the International Court of Justice to give an advisory opinion on any legal question arising within the scope of the Organization's activities.