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Article Comparison - Convention of the World Meteorological Organization

Article 14

The Executive Council is the executive body of the Organization and is responsible to Congress for the coordination of the programmes of the Organization and for the utilization of its budgetary resources in accordance with the decisions of Congress.

In addition to functions set out in other Articles of the Convention, the primary functions of the Executive Council shall be:

a) To implement the decisions taken by the Members of the Organization either in Congress or by means of correspondence and to conduct the activities of the Organization in accordance with the intention of such decisions;

b) To examine the programme and budget estimates for the following financial period prepared by the Secretary-General and to present its observations and its recommendations thereon to Congress;

c) To consider and, where necessary, take action on behalf of the Organization on resolutions and recommendations of regional associations and technical commissions in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Regulations;

d) To provide technical information, counsel and assistance in the fields of activity of the Organization;

e) To study and make recommendations on any matter affecting international meteorology and related activities of the Organization;

f) To prepare the agenda for Congress and to give guidance to the regional associations and technical commissions in the preparation of their work programme;

g) To report on its activities to each session of Congress;

h) To administer the finances of the Organization in accordance with the provisions of Part XI of the Convention.

The Executive Council may also perform such other functions as may be conferred on it by Congress or by Members collectively.