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Article Comparison - International Cocoa Agreement

Part One
Objectives and definitions

Chapter I

Article 1

1. The objectives of the Sixth International Cocoa Agreement are:

(a) To promote international cooperation in the world cocoa economy;

(b) To provide an appropriate framework for the discussion of all matters relating to all sectors thereof;

(c) To contribute to the strengthening of the national cocoa economies of Member countries, in particular through the preparation of appropriate projects to be submitted to the relevant institutions for financing and implementation;

(d) To contribute to a balanced development of the world cocoa economy in the interest of all Members through appropriate measures, including:

(i) Promoting a sustainable cocoa economy;

(ii) Promoting research and the implementation of its findings;

(iii) Promoting transparency in the world cocoa economy through the collection, analysis and dissemination of relevant statistics and undertaking of appropriate studies; and

(iv) Promoting and encouraging consumption of chocolate and cocoabased products in order to increase demand for cocoa in close cooperation with the private sector.

2. In pursuing these objectives, Members shall, within the appropriate framework, encourage the greater participation of the private sector in the work of the Organization.