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Article Comparison - International Cocoa Agreement

Article 7
Powers and functions of the Council

1. The Council shall exercise all such powers and perform or arrange for the performance of all such functions as are necessary to carry out the express provisions of this Agreement.

2. The Council shall not have power, and shall not be taken to have been authorized by the Members, to incur any obligation outside the scope of this Agreement; in particular, it shall not have the capacity to borrow money. In exercising its capacity to contract, the Council shall incorporate in its contracts the terms of this provision and of article 24 in such a way as to bring them to the notice of the other parties entering into contracts with the Council, but any failure to incorporate such terms shall not invalidate such a contract or render it ultra vires the Council.

3. The Council may at any time, by special vote, delegate any of its powers to the Executive Committee, except the following:

(a) Redistribution of votes under article 10;

(b) Approval of the administrative budget and assessment of contributions under article 25;

(c) Revision of the list of producers of fine or flavour cocoa under article 46;

(d) Relief from obligations under article 47;

(e) Decision of disputes under article 50;

(f) Suspension of rights under paragraph 3 of article 51;

(g) Establishment of conditions for accession under article 56;

(h) Exclusion of a Member under article 61;

(i) Extension or termination of this Agreement under article 63; and

(j) Recommendation of amendments to Members under article 64.

4. The Council may, by special vote, decide on other exceptions in paragraph 3 above. It may revoke any delegation of power under paragraph 3 above by the same vote.

5. The Council shall, by special vote, adopt such rules and regulations as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this Agreement and are consistent therewith, including its rules of procedure and those of its committees, and the financial and staff regulations of the Organization. The Council may, in its rules of procedure, provide for a procedure whereby it may, without meeting, decide specific questions.

6. The Council shall keep such records as are required for the performance of its functions under this Agreement, and such other records as it considers appropriate.

7. The Council may set up any working group(s) as appropriate to assist it in carrying out its task.