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Article Comparison - International Cocoa Agreement

Part Three
Financial provisions

Chapter VI

Article 23

1. There shall be kept an administrative account for the administration of this Agreement. The expenses necessary for the administration of this Agreement shall be brought into the administrative account and shall be met by annual contributions from Members assessed in accordance with article 25. If, however, a Member requests special services, the Council may decide to accede to the request and shall require that Member to pay for them.

2. The Council may establish separate accounts for specific purposes that it may establish in accordance with the objectives of the present Agreement. These accounts shall be financed through voluntary contributions from Members or other bodies.

3. The financial year of the Organization shall be the same as the cocoa year.

4. The expenses of delegations to the Council, to the Executive Committee and to any of the Committees of the Council or of the Executive Committee shall be met by the Members concerned.

5. If the financial position of the Organization is or appears likely to be, insufficient to finance the remainder of the cocoa year, the Executive Director shall call a special session of the Council within 20 working days unless the Council is otherwise scheduled to meet within 30 calendar days.