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Article Comparison - International Cocoa Agreement

Article 25
Approval of the administrative budget and assessment of contributions

1. During the second half of each financial year, the Council shall approve the administrative budget of the Organization for the following financial year, and shall assess the contribution of each Member to that budget.

2. The contribution of each Member to the administrative budget for each financial year shall be in the proportion which the number of its votes at the time the administrative budget for that financial year is approved bears to the total votes of all the Members. For the purpose of assessing contributions, the votes of each Member shall be calculated without regard to the suspension of any Member’s voting rights and any redistribution of votes resulting therefrom.

3. The initial contribution of any Member joining the Organization after the entry into force of this Agreement shall be assessed by the Council on the basis of the number of votes to be held by that Member and the period remaining in the current financial year, but the assessment made upon other Members for the current financial year shall not be altered.

4. If this Agreement enters into force before the beginning of the first full financial year, the Council shall, at its first session, approve an administrative budget covering the period up to the commencement of the first full financial year.