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Article Comparison - International Cocoa Agreement

Article 26
Payment of contributions to the administrative budget

1. Contributions to the administrative budget for each financial year shall be payable in freely convertible currencies, shall be exempt from foreign exchange restrictions and shall become due on the first day of that financial year. Contributions of Members in respect of the financial year in which they join the Organization shall be due on the date on which they become Members.

2. Contributions to the administrative budget approved under paragraph 4 of article 25 shall be payable within three months of the date of assessment.

3. If, at the end of five months after the beginning of the financial year or, in the case of a new Member, three months after the Council has assessed its contribution, a Member has not paid its full contribution to the administrative budget, the Executive Director shall request that Member to make payment as quickly as possible. If, at the expiration of two months after the request of the Executive Director, that Member has still not paid its contribution, the voting rights of that Member in the Council and the Executive Committee shall be suspended until such time as it has made full payment of the contribution.

4. A Member whose voting rights have been suspended under paragraph 3 of this article shall not be deprived of any of its other rights or relieved of any of its obligations under this Agreement unless the Council, by special vote, decides otherwise. It shall remain liable to pay its contribution and to meet any other financial obligations under this Agreement.

5. The Council shall consider the question of membership of any Member with two years’ contributions unpaid, and by special vote may decide that this Member shall cease to enjoy the rights of membership and/or cease to be assessed for budgetary purposes. It shall remain liable to meet any other of its financial obligations under this Agreement. By payment of the arrears the Member will regain the rights of membership. Any payments made by Members in arrears will be credited first to those arrears, rather than to current contributions.