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Article Comparison - International Cocoa Agreement

Article 36

1. In order to promote transparency in the market with regard to levels of world cocoa stocks, each Member shall assist the Executive Director in obtaining information on the volume of cocoa stocks in its country. Insofar as is possible, Members shall provide the Executive Director, by not later than the end of May, with information on stocks of cocoa held in their respective countries as at the end of the previous cocoa year in as detailed, timely and accurate a manner as is practicable.

2. If a Member fails to supply, or finds difficulty in supplying, within a reasonable time, statistical information on stocks required by the Council for the proper functioning of the Organization, the Council may require the Member concerned to explain the reasons for non-compliance. If it is found that assistance is needed in the matter, the Council may offer the necessary measures of support to overcome existing difficulties.

3. The Executive Director shall seek the full cooperation of the private sector in this exercise, whilst fully respecting the issues of commercial confidentiality associated with this information.

4. The information shall pertain to stocks of cocoa beans.

5. The Executive Director shall make an annual report to the Market Committee on the information received on the levels of cocoa stocks worldwide.