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Article Comparison - International Cocoa Agreement

Article 37

1. Members undertake to encourage the consumption of chocolate and cocoabased products in order to increase demand for cocoa by all possible means.

2. To achieve this purpose, the Council shall establish a Promotion Committee to promote cocoa consumption.

3. The Committee shall be open to all Members of the Organization.

4. The Committee shall operate and through the Executive Director administer a Promotion Fund which shall be used solely to finance promotion campaigns, to sponsor research and studies related to the consumption of cocoa and to cover associated administrative expenses.

5. The Committee shall seek the collaboration of the private sector for the implementation of its activities.

6. The promotion activities of the Committee shall be financed by resources which may be pledged by Members, non-Members, other organizations and the private sector. Private sector participants or institutions may also contribute to the promotion programmes in accordance with modalities to be established by the Committee.

7. All decisions of the Committee related to promotion campaigns and activities shall be taken by Members contributing to the Fund.

8. The Committee shall seek the approval of a country before conducting a promotion campaign in the territory of that country.

9. The Committee shall draw up its own rules and regulations, and shall report regularly to the Council.

10. The Executive Director shall assist the Committee as required.