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Article Comparison - International Cocoa Agreement

Chapter X
Market-monitoring provisions

Article 40
Daily price

1. For the purposes of this Agreement and, in particular, for monitoring the evolution of the cocoa market, the Executive Director shall compute and publish a daily price of cocoa beans. This price shall be expressed in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per tonne.

2. The daily price shall be the average taken daily of the quotations for cocoa beans of the nearest three active future trading months on the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) and on the Board of Trade of the City of New York at the time of the London close. The London prices shall be converted into United States dollars per tonne by using the current six months forward rate of exchange in London at closing time. The United States dollardenominated average of the London and New York prices shall be converted into its SDR equivalent at the appropriate daily official United States dollar/SDR exchange rate published by the International Monetary Fund. The Council shall decide the method of calculation to be used when the quotations on only one of these two cocoa markets are available or when the London Foreign Exchange market is closed. The time for shift to the next three-month period shall be the fifteenth of the month immediately preceding the nearest active maturing month.

3. The Council may, by special vote, decide on any other method of computing the daily price if it considers such other method to be more satisfactory than that prescribed in this article.