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Article Comparison - International Cocoa Agreement

Part Five
Other provisions

Chapter XII
Fine or flavour cocoa

Article 46
Fine or flavour cocoa

1. The Council shall, at its first session following the entry into force of this Agreement, review annex C of this Agreement and, if necessary, revise it by special vote, determining the proportions in which the countries listed therein produce and export exclusively or partially fine or flavour cocoa. Thereafter, the Council may at any time during the lifetime of this Agreement review annex C and, if necessary, revise it by special vote. The Council shall seek expert advice on this matter, as appropriate.

2. The Market Committee may make proposals for the Organization to devise and implement a system of statistics on production of and trade in fine or flavour cocoa.

3. Giving due consideration to the importance of fine or flavour cocoa, Members shall examine, and adopt as appropriate, projects relating to fine or flavour cocoa in accordance with the provisions of articles 37 and 39.