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Article Comparison - International Cocoa Agreement

Article 51
Complaints and action by the Council

1. Any complaint that any Member has failed to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement shall, at the request of the Member making the complaint, be referred to the Council, which shall consider it and take a decision on the matter.

2. Any finding by the Council that a Member is in breach of its obligations under this Agreement shall be made by a simple distributed majority vote and shall specify the nature of the breach.

3. Whenever the Council, whether as a result of a complaint or otherwise, finds that a Member is in breach of its obligations under this Agreement, it may, without prejudice to such other measures as are specifically provided for in other articles of this Agreement, including article 61, by special vote:

(a) Suspend that Member's voting rights in the Council and in the Executive Committee; and

(b) If it considers it necessary, suspend additional rights of such Member, including that of being eligible for, or of holding, office in the Council or in any of its committees, until it has fulfilled its obligations.

4. A Member whose voting rights are suspended under paragraph 3 of this article shall remain liable for its financial and other obligations under this Agreement.