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Article Comparison - International Convention against Doping in Sport

IV. Education and training

Article 19
General education and training principles

1. States Parties shall undertake, within their means, to support, devise or implement education and training programmes on anti-doping. For the sporting community in general, these programmes should aim to provide updated and accurate information on:

(a) the harm of doping to the ethical values of sport;

(b) the health consequences of doping.

2. For athletes and athlete support personnel, in particular in their initial training, education and training programmes should, in addition to the above, aim to provide updated and accurate information on:

(a) doping control procedures;

(b) athletes’ rights and responsibilities in regard to anti-doping, including information about the Code and the anti-doping policies of the relevant sports and anti-doping organizations. Such information shall include the consequences of committing an anti-doping rule violation;

(c) the list of prohibited substances and methods and therapeutic use exemptions;

(d) nutritional supplements.