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Article Comparison - International Convention against Doping in Sport

Article 32
Secretariat of the Conference of Parties

1. The secretariat of the Conference of Parties shall be provided by the Director-General of UNESCO.

2. At the request of the Conference of Parties, the Director-General of UNESCO shall use to the fullest extent possible the services of the World Anti-Doping Agency on terms agreed upon by the Conference of Parties.

3. Functioning costs related to the Convention will be funded from the regular budget of UNESCO within existing resources at an appropriate level, the Voluntary Fund established under Article 17 or an appropriate combination thereof as determined every two years. The financing for the secretariat from the regular budget shall be done on a strictly minimal basis, it being understood that voluntary funding should also be provided to support the Convention.

4. The secretariat shall prepare the documentation of the Conference of Parties, as well as the draft agenda of its meetings, and shall ensure the implementation of its decisions.