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Article Comparison - International Convention against Doping in Sport

Article 34
Specific amendment procedure for the Annexes to the Convention

1. If the World Anti-Doping Agency modifies the Prohibited List or the Standards for Granting Therapeutic Use Exemptions, it may, by written communication addressed to the Director-General of UNESCO, inform her/him of those changes. The Director-General shall notify such changes as proposed amendments to the relevant Annexes to this Convention to all States Parties expeditiously. Amendments to the Annexes shall be approved by the Conference of Parties either at one of its sessions or through a written consultation.

2. States Parties have 45 days from the Director-General’s notification within which to express their objection to the proposed amendment either in writing, in case of written consultation, to the Director-General or at a session of the Conference of Parties. Unless two thirds of the States Parties express their objection, the proposed amendment shall be deemed to be approved by the Conference of Parties.

3. Amendments approved by the Conference of Parties shall be notified to States Parties by the Director-General. They shall enter into force 45 days after that notification, except for any State Party that has previously notified the Director-General that it does not accept these amendments.

4. A State Party having notified the Director-General that it does not accept an amendment approved according to the preceding paragraphs remains bound by the Annexes as not amended.