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Article Comparison - Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to the Precautionary Attachment of Aircraft

Article 2

(1) By precautionary attachment within the meaning of the present Convention shall be understood any act, whatever it may be called, whereby an aircraft is seized, in a private interest, through the medium of agents of justice or of the public administration, for the benefit either of a creditor, or of the owner, or of the holder of a lien on the aircraft, where the attaching claimant cannot invoke a judgment and execution, obtained beforehand in the ordinary course of procedure, or an equivalent right of execution.

(2) In case the applicable law gives the creditor who holds the aircraft without the consent of the operator the right of detention, the exercise of this right shall, for the purposes of the present Convention, be the same as precautionary attachment and be governed by the régime contemplated in the present Convention.