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Article Comparison - Convention on Offences and Certain Other Acts Committed on Board Aircraft


Article 1

1. This Convention shall apply in respect of:

a. offences against penal law;

b. acts which, whether or not they are offences, may or do jeopardize the safety of the aircraft or of persons or property therein or which jeopardize good order and discipline on board.

2. Except as provided in Chapter III, this Convention shall apply in respect of offences committed or acts done by a person on board any aircraft registered in a Contracting State, while that aircraft is in flight or on the surface of the high seas or of any other area outside the territory of any State.

3. For the purposes of this Convention, an aircraft is considered to be in flight from the moment when power is applied for the purpose of take- off until the moment when the landing run ends.

4. This Convention shall not apply to aircraft used in military, customs or police services.